Learning solutions and coaching for leaders and teams

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    Coaching and learning solutions

    Experience our coaching and workshops which are fun, psychologically safe and highly participative. Delivered by experts that will build your team's ability to understand themselves and colleagues better and how to cope and engage with challenge in a positive and meaningful way

    Resilience Building Workshops for Managers

    Learn how to build the resilience of individuals so that they achieve lasting change, feeling renewed with energy and confidence in coping with uncertainty and challenge

    Stress Management Workshops for Managers

    Understand how to help individuals deal with pressure, prevent burnout and reduce the impact of stress using a nationally recognised six step framework

    Mental Health Management Workshops

    Build an awareness of mental health conditions, the signs of struggle, how to prevent and manage issues, start conversations, manage disclosure and consider reasonable adjustments

    Team Resilience Building Workshops

    Create cohesive, engaged and energised teams of people that understand and collaborate with each other, even across virtual boundaries, using Insights Discovery©


    What We Do

    Established in 1998, we deliver executive coaching, virtual and face to face leadership and team building events that are:

    • Delivered by experts in leadership and management 
    • Fun, practical and evidence based
    • Proven to help individuals  and teams build their resilience and cope with pressure and challenge
    • Tailored to the individual needs of each organisation
    Resilience Workshops

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