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Learning solutions and executive coaching

Michelle Spirit

FCIPD RMN MSc Dip (Hyp) Psych DCG

With over 20 years’ experience in HR, mental health nursing and coaching, I have been able to work with organisations throughout the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa and Jersey, providing executive coaching, learning solutions and speaking services to help leaders develop their potential during times of change and transition, those in high stress roles and those who simply want an objective sounding board to help them get better results. This includes FTSE 250 companies, global organisations, national charities and Universities including the University of Oxford.

Learning solutions developed are based on a deep understanding of psychology, people development, emotional and social intelligence, neuroscience and behavioural models including Insights Discovery, MTQ48, 16PF, Myers Briggs and the Big 5 personality traits.

Coaching and learning and development programmes facilitated recently include:

Building trust and team cohesion
Results through relationships
Emotional and Social Intelligence
Building Resilience for Managers
Building Resilience for Teams
Team Assessment and Action Planning
Recognising and Managing Burnout
Change and the Human Impact
Leadership 360 Feedback
Mental Health for Managers
Mental Health Awareness
Managers Managing Stress
Building a Growth Mindset culture
Ensuring Psychological Safety

Coaching is of course not therapy, but with between 25% to 50% of those seeking coaching experiencing clinically significant levels of anxiety, stress or depression, it is useful to have someone able to recognise mental health issues and that complaints related to time management, interpersonal communication and workplace disengagement might not be as straight forward as they may at first seem.

My north star is to help people feel safe, engaged, understood and productive at work. Only by achieving this can organisations succeed in building a fulfilled and energised workforce.

Alison Sumpter


Alison has 20 years experience as a performance coach specialising in individual and team development. She has a wealth of practical experience of the management of staff which includes working as a training manager at Boots plc during a reorganisation and restructure. Alison is passionate about delivering innovative training solutions, many of which have achieved exceptional results for both national and international clients. Her experience and successes have been evidenced within numerous organisations. She develops dynamic solutions to individual and organisational need, specialising in Leadership, Resilience and Change management. Within The Colour Works, as a licensed practitioner of the Insights Discovery model of behaviour, and experienced facilitator and coach, she has created and implemented effective individual and team learning and development programmes based on organisational needs to many with high impact results. With Cybele she has worked on a number of exciting projects with international clients helping to align solutions to an organisations vision and strategy; making sure the right people have the right skills at the right time.