Virtual Learning

Resilience and Wellbeing Masterclasses

Each of these highly interactive virtual masterclasses have been carefully designed to focus on the proactive steps that can be taken to ensure good emotional health. For leaders to understand how to protect their health and that of their team members, and for individuals to recognise what they can do to care for themselves and others during these unprecedented times.

All session are delivered via Zoom, or MS Teams. Sessions offered include:


1 Hour Sessions

Five ways to wellbeing & lifestyle wellness 

  • Resilience and the five ways to wellbeing

  • Lifestyle and emotional health: exercise, nutrition, sleep, connection and rest

Regulating emotions and coping mechanisms

  • Practical strategies to avoid the stress response

  • 6 quick emotion regulation techniques

  • Coping : helpful coping choices to make in place of those that are less unhelpful (alcohol/drug use, overworking, aggression)

Resilience: the essentials

  • Understanding resilience

  • Psychology of change/virtual working and support needed

  • Virtual working and resilience

  • Stress and pressure management

  • Quick tips for building resilience


2 Hour Session

Leadership and Management behaviours that build the resilience and productivity of remote workers

  • Leadership and Management behaviours that promote wellbeing and allow people to be their ‘best remote self’

  • Meeting the emotional needs of remote workers

  • Team ground rules and communication protocols to build trust

  • Supporting people as they manage their home environment / distractions / needs of others

  • Tackling rumination / building positivity

  • Importance of routine, clarity of goals and expectations

  • Creating a strong remote team culture


3 Hour Session

Building resilience and wellbeing through the colour model of behaviours

Behaviour preferences and building resilience using the Insights Discovery language of colour to get people connected, engaged and better able to cope with the high levels of uncertainty. Content includes:

• Understanding the four different behaviour preferences

• Self-awareness – Recognising and acknowledging the impact COVID-19 has had on our thoughts, feelings and behaviours

• Remote working – The colour energies strengths, weaknesses and needs

• Behaviour – Noticing stress in others and colourful causesAdapting and connecting – Ways of approaching those experiencing a high level of stress

• Team mapping – Communicating remotely and action planning strategies

• Leading the way – How to sustain engagement and performance for each of the colour energies

• Team Resilience – Tools and techniques to help continuously build personal and team resilience


Virtual sessions offer:

• Use of breakout rooms, polls and group discussion to encourage interaction and contributions
• Privacy to reflect on content, and take part in exercises with a sense of authenticity
• Convenience as delegates rarely have to travel
• Efficiency as more content can be covered in a shorter time than most face to face courses
• Inclusivity as people are brought together

If you would like to have a chat about how virtual learning could benefit your organisation, or to explore virtual coaching to help staff manage some of the challenges they may be experiencing right now, please do get in touch.