Team Resilience

Team resilience sessions work with whole teams using the Insights Discovery Profile model to build self awareness and awareness of others. If you want to help teams stay positive and focused, stick together and show resilience in the face of unprecedented challenge then this is the course for you.



How to help team members recognise how and when to adapt behaviours to help increase trust and collaborate to build a cohesive, resilient and high performing team.  Help them safely get to know each other better and feel comfortable making mistakes, seeing these as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than something to be regarded as failure. Help them feel comfortable being honest and open and in so doing build the environment needed to ensure each and every member feels better understood and therefore safe, more energised and excited in the face of challenge. 



Behaviour preferences and building resilience using the Insights Discovery language of colour to get people connected, engaged and better able to cope with the high levels of uncertainty. 
• Understand the four different behaviour preferences
• Recognise and acknowledge the impact COVID-19 has had on our thoughts, feelings and behaviours
• Know the colour energies strengths, weaknesses and needs in the context of remote working
• Notice stress in others and colourful causes
• Sustain engagement and performance for each of the colour energies
• Learn tools and techniques to help continuously build personal and team resilience.



Knowing how to apply and test a range of actions and approaches is an important aspect of this learning which is captured during a group action planning session where we examine how the learning can and will be applied in practice.

By capturing actions that will be undertaken in this way we achieve greater ownership of the approaches that will be implemented to build team resilience and a cohesive, harmonious team that works collaboratively to achieve goals.



This is what clients have had to say about impact:

“Wow…amazing. Our whole team has learnt how to collaborate better even though we are not physically together – really picked up a sense of energy and enthusiasm from the team.” 

“Feeling excited about a project for the first time in months and can’t wait to start working on it with my team! Thanks Michelle. Just what we needed. Fantastic training.”

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