Building resilience using insights discovery personal profiling

This interactive virtual workshop utilises the colour energies model of behaviour types to help managers and leaders address the challenge of the need to protect the health and well-being of workers who are working remotely or transitioning back to the workplace, enabling them to build team resilience whilst also protecting themselves as teams look to them for reassurance, support and guidance.

Along with being a personally meaningful experience, this virtual workshop will re-engage your people through the colour model, giving managers and leaders an immediate awareness of how to support their teams through these times of change.

Team Resilience


Course Content


Recognising and acknowledging the impact COVID-19 has had on our thoughts, feelings and behaviours

Remote working – The colour energies’ strengths, weaknesses and needs

Behaviours and change – blockers and contributors

Building resilience

Noticing stress in others and colourful causes

Adapting and connecting with those experiencing high levels of stress

Communicating remotely, team mapping based on strengths & weaknesses and action-planning strategies

Habitual thinking and creating mental agility

Leading the way

Sustaining engagement and performance for each of the colour energies

Tools and techniques to help continuously build personal and team resilience

Leadership resilience: creating physical and emotional resilience

Commitments and accountability: implementation back in the workplace

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Team Resilience

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