Stress Management

This learning is for Managers, Human Resource and Health and Safety professionals to help them spot and combat workplace stress and ways of achieving a proactive approach to stress management that stretch and drive performance rather than leave people feeling overwhelmed.

Stress Management


Stress undermines performance and damages physical and mental health. Our services start with making sure all understand what stress is and and the differences between pressure and stress. It explores benefits of a proactive approach to preventing and managing stress.

Knowing what stress is helps identify its causes and symptoms. This allows for the early identification of any issues, and informs actions that will both help prevent stress taking hold and resolve current issues.



Stress Management needs more than an intellectual understanding. We explore within the context of the culture and needs of the organisation which practical approaches and techniques can be used on a practical level with the greatest effect.

We use a multimodal approach tailored to the culture of the organisation in which we work. This can include the practical use of the HSE Management Standards for Stress, how to conduct basic risk assessments and surveys and practical examples of approaches that have helped others reduce workplace stress.



How can a stress management strategy best be implemented? We develop a tailored in-depth strategic action plan that describes the activities that need to be undertaken, how, and the results that will be achieved as a result.

We take the journey with you from exploration to implementation through to evaluating the return on your investment. The action plan helps provide the architecture that makes this happen.



This is what clients have had to say about impact: 

“I was a bit sceptical at the start but we’ve learnt some very practical things that we can do to help our workforce feel more in control and supported here.”

“I like the way you weaved in the research as this has given me the confidence I need to use some of the tools you spoke about.”

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