Resilience Training

Resilience training improves performance. It helps people cope with pressure, stay confident, and find opportunity even when times are challenging. Ensuring that each and every team member is able to focus their efforts, make good decisions and apply a creative approach even when the going has got tough is key to improving business performance.

Resilience Training


To build resilience we need to know what it is and how it can be developed. Is it an attribute we are born with or can it be developed? Is it process or a trait? We ensure that all those involved in building resilience really know what the word means.

Some of the theory around resilience training is complex. We translate it into something that can be understood within an organisational context. Knowing what this illusive quality is and that it can be developed, and indeed how others have achieved this, helps inform the creation of tailored approaches that result in increased resilience.



Resilience training requires more than an intellectual understanding. We explore within the context of the culture and needs of the organisation which practical approaches and techniques can be used with the greatest effect.

The experience of employees is pivotal to the development of skills linked to behaviour change, allowing people to draw on a range of strategies to help them cope with pressure ensures maximum opportunity for impact.



How can these approaches and strategies best be implemented? We develop a tailored in-depth strategic action plan that describes the activities that need to be undertaken, how and the results that will be achieved as a result.

We take the journey with you from exploration to implementation through to evaluating the return on your investment. The action plan helps provide the architecture that makes this happen.



This is what delegates have had to say about impact: 

“I’ve discovered a lot about myself and why I can give up easily. I am going to persevere more and not worry about things going wrong so much.”

“Superb training, one of the best courses I have been on… and I’ve been here for 10 years!” 

I really think today is going to help me get on better with others. Thank you!”

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