Emotion regulation and resilience – for employees

Resilience is the ability to handle change, stressful working environments and high demands without becoming overwhelmed, stressed or burnt out. Resilience, it could be argued, is the single most important skill needed to help individuals cope well during these difficult times.

During this session individuals will build a collection of tools and skills that will help them cope better with stress, anxiety, relationship issues, social pressures, and difficult emotions like anger and fear. By finding better ways to cope with these, there’s less danger of them developing into more serious mental health problems, meaning a better chance of staying well, whatever the job – and life – throws at them.  


Course Content

Understanding resilience and stress

What resilience is and that it is not all about DNA – we can learn to be resilient

Identifying when pressure has become stress

Difference between managing emotions and managing thoughts

Emotion Regulation

Physical, psychological and behavioural responses to stress and their management

Six rapid emotion regulation techniques

Practical strategies to avoid the stress response and risk of burnout

Thought Management

Managing rumination

Importance of focusing on solutions, and what can be controlled

Active and avoidant coping strategies

Importance of self-care and compassion

Mind body connection

Understanding the link between mind and body

How to get the basics right: exercise, sleep, nutrition and rest

Importance of meeting emotional needs

Personality and resilience

What drives our behaviours and those of others

What is most likely to generate stress in others given their behaviour preferences

Adapting and connecting skills to accommodate other’s preferences

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Team Resilience

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