Change Management

Change is a constant. As part of a change management strategy it is important to consider the people side of change. This crucially requires an understanding of how different people react differently to change and ways it is possible to work with them positively to address their fears, opposition and resistance in order to achieve their full engagement in the change process.

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How can we decode some of the difficulties different personalities have when dealing with change? What might be the best model that can be used to ensure a transition that regards change as an opportunity for creativity and innovation rather than threat?

Understanding why change can be difficult helps us also understand the critical success factors of achieving successful transformation. This knowledge can be applied to inform decisions regarding actions to ensure employees are engaged in the change process.



Implementing change is easier said than done. Our approach focuses on achieving a deeper awareness of the different thoughts, emotions and behaviours people have if in the face of change, both those struggling to cope with change, and those embracing change.

This experience provides an opportunity to reflect on the ways that we can best manage change that reflects how different team members think, feel and behave, and how it is possible to harness the strengths of each personality in order that these are used to the benefit of the individual, their team and organisation.



Change is surely one of the greatest chances an organisation will have to innovate. However, it comes at a risk and one of the greatest risks is that it can only really happen with the engagement and commitment of employees.

Action planning will provide an opportunity to reflect on how the knowledge and skills gained can be applied to achieve maximum employee engagement in the change management process. Creativity is applied to this process which uses a range of techniques that push the imagination to develop new approaches to achieve effective change management.



This is what clients have had to say about impact: 

“I now understand how people in my team might be feeling differently and that I need to tailor my approach to adapt to that. Means I’ll be able to get them on board quicker.”

“This has given me the space to think about ideas I can take back to my team that I think are really going to make a difference.”

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